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About Dragon Leatherworks

So who is this Dragon guy ...?

"I think that, despite everything that we're facing with the recession, foreign powers ... the largest problem facing us is the de-industrialization of America. Our "can do" American Spirit is being lost. We don't have "The Eye" anymore ... you gotta be able to go out and do it, and we don't have that.

"Our children don't know the difference between a flat head screwdriver and a Phillips, and if they did know the difference, they wouldn't know what to do with it anyway."

- Adam Cramer, Owner, Liberty Vintage Motorcycles, Philadelphia, PA

I couldn't have said it better myself. Adam's statement embodies my passion for leatherwork, a passion that I hope shows itself in the holsters I create. That "Can-Do" spirit that he mentions is exactly the spirit that was brought to this country with every wave of immigrants who came to these shores in their quest for Freedom and the American Dream. They brought the "Can-Do" spirit and mindset, because the countries they came from forced that mindset in them ... in the Old Country, when something broke, you fixed it. If you needed a new shirt, your mother (or your wife) would buy the fabric and make you a new shirt. Sheep were sheared for their wool, the wool would be spun on a wheel to make yarn, and the yarn would then be knitted into scarves, socks, gloves, and the like.

You never heard the words "I can't do it" come out of the mouth of prior generations. They had the skills to work with tools in their hands, and the imagination to create things with those tools.

My grandfather and father passed that "Can-Do" mindset along to me, putting tools in my hand at a young age. For me, it was fun ... a board, a box of nails, and a small hammer. That was my introduction ... simply the fun of smashing nails with a hammer into an old board.

Saddly, the older generations worked hard and long, and sacrificed much so that their children wouldn't have to work hard and dirty their hands trying to scrabble out a living. Their desire to make sure that their children's lives were better than their own had the adverse effect of denying their children the critical thinking skills needed for ingenuity and invention, and the hand skills in knowing what tools were used for a given purpose, and how to use those tools properly.

My aim, in making hand-crafted holsters, is to bring back a bit of that America ... the ingenuity, creativity, and ability to imagine something in your minds eye, then to make it real with nothing more than simple tools wielded by skilled hands ... hands that at times seem to be not your own as your mind directs the actions, and your hands follow obediently while you watch as form and function take shape.

I'm not wanting to make millions of dollars and retire to Boca ... I want to do this for as long as the Good Lord will allow, and for as long as my hands can hold the tools. I want to pass these skills along to my children, not shield them from these skills in the hope that they won't need to get their hands dirty to make a living.

I want them not only to be an American, but to be American.

Thank you for stopping by this small corner of the World Wide Web, taking a look at what I do, and buying from this American Craftsman if you have the need and desire for what I create.

Warmest Regards,
Dennis Badurina
Owner, Dragon Leatherworks

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"I want you to know the back panel that sits between the belly and gun is what sold me immediately. Great design. Us husky boys appreciate it."
- Patrick D. in Louisville, KY about the Fugly

Why buy a Dragon Leatherworks Holster?

Because it's a quality American-made product at an affordable price.

These hand-built holsters are made with the ultimate renewable resource: leather.

This classic material has been the partner of firearms, carrying and protecting the ultimate self-defense tool that man has created, for over two centuries.

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