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Dragon Leatherworks now offers the Tennessee Resident Handgun Permit Class

The TN Handgun Carry Class is the State-Mandated curriculum to qualify for the Carry Permit. Call us at 865-240-1625 or send an email to and include your name AND PHONE NUMBER. I will call you to schedule class time and take your Credit Card information for the required $25 deposit to hold the class space.

The course covers everything you need to know to pass the written exam (done at the end of the classroom session on the same day as the class) and covers topics including but not limited to:

After the classroom portion, in order to complete the course, you will need to show proficiency in live-fire at the range. We use the Windrock Shooting Range located in Oliver Springs for the live-fire portion of the class. PLEASE NOTE: There is a $10 Range Use Fee required to be paid when we arrive at the range. This is not included in the cost of the TN Handgun Carry Class.
We ask that you provide your own pistol (either semi-auto or revolver) and ammo for the course. If you do not own a pistol, we do have rentals available for $25 each. If you need ammunition, we also sell ammo, prices vary as to the manufacturer.

To date, the TN Carry Permit is recognized in all but 10 (ten) States, which means that you can safely carry your defensive firearm in the remaining States, in accordance with their Carry Laws, while you are a valid Tennessee Resident Permit Holder.

The States that DO NOT HONOR the Tennessee Carry Permit are:

How to Apply for your Carry Permit Class

Please follow the directions here to register with the State of Tennessee for the Handgun Carry Class:

The State of Tennessee has moved to an online registration system for Carry Classes. Below you will find instructions on how to complete your registration, and what you need to bring with you to the Carry Class.

To register with the State of TN for Handgun Permit You Will Need

Go to the Tennessee Handgun Class Online Registration by clicking here, then follow the numbered instructions below.

1) On the landing page, click on the "Begin Application" button.

2) On the page that appears, you will input your Driver License number, and LAST NAME.

3) Once you have filled those in, click "NEXT".

4) On the next page, you will fill in all pertinent identifying information in the upper portion, and your current address in the lower portion.

5) Once completed, click "Next".

6) On the page that now appears, you will fill in your past addresses for the last FIVE YEARS. Simply select the time period (calendar drop-downs) for the address you are entering, and fill out the required fields. NOTE: you MUST enter at least your current address on this screen, even though you supplied it two screens previously. If you have been at this current residence for over five years, simply set the first selection to a date more than five years ago, and leave the TO Date for todays date.

If you have been at more than one address in the last five years, the first one you entered should have been your MOST RECENT. Then you would click "Add Another Residence", and repeat the process until you have entered all addresses for the past five years.

Once done, click "NEXT".

7) You will now begin answering the background check portion of the online application. Answer YES or NO as appropriate, then click "Next" until you have gone through all the available screens. Once you get to the end, click "Review and Submit".

8) You will now begin the review portion, and will be able to check all your entered data for accuracy. Click "Next" to go through page-by-page. If you notice something incorrect, there is a button in each section that lets you go into EDIT mode to make changes. Once satisfied, activate the check box for your affirmation that your submitted information is true, complete, and accurate. Then click "Submit Your Application".

9) Once submitted, you will be taken to a page that shows your Confirmation Number, Driver License Number, and Submitted Date. There is a PRINT button....PLEASE PRINT OUT A COPY and retain it for your records. YOU WILL NEED THE CONFIRMATION NUMBER TO CHECK THE ONLINE STATUS OF YOUR PERMIT!

10) Send an email to and provide me with your DL Number, Confirmation Number, and Name so that I can add you to the class roster. You will be notified by email when the scheduling is complete.

Once the class is complete, you will receive a printout with instructions on what you need to do to complete the carry permit process once the exam and live-fire scores are submitted.

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