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Dragon Leatherworks Custom Builds

Custom Builds - Because sometimes you just want something different.

Once folks see my holsters, they inevitably ask about custom builds, or projects for specialized applications. To be honest, it is just these types of requests that keep the creative juices flowing, sometimes also resulting in an addition to our product lineups.

Our ability to deliver on custom projects had caught the attention of the prop master for the top-rated CBS TV Show, NCIS. We were asked to design a leather lunchbox for the character of Abby Sciuto (Played by Pauley Perette). This request came to us from the prop master after he had recieved a holster from us to help keep a handgun close to the body on a female character, so as to minimize printing. That holster was one of our FlatJacks. After the delivery of the lunchbox, we were again contacted to create a very close-fitting, high-and-tight shoulder holster for the character of Ziva (played by Cote DePablo) so as to be able to conceal a J-frame revolver under a short bolero-style sweater.

Sheepskin Rucksack

Price: $1400.00

Estimated ship date: October 31, 2021

Handcrafted Sheepskin Rucksack, interior dimension 17" x 13" x 3"

Product Image

Sad Puppy Coaster Set and Bookmark

Price: $24.99

Estimated ship date: August 8, 2021

Who's a Sad Puppy!?

Do you like Science Fiction? Do you hate those nasty rings on your furniture from drinking glasses? Do you need a nice way to not loose your place in your Sci-fi book? Well, here's the answer to all your strife! A set of Sad Puppy drink coasters with leather Sad Puppy Bookmark!

Product Image

Handmade Guitar Strap

Price: $249.00

Estimated ship date: September 12, 2021

For that special musician in your life, a hand-crafted guitar strap in tan with black airbrushed edges, inlaid with Hand-Pianted Python Snakeskin, or Stingray Skin (call for available colors of Python or Stingray).

Each strap is hand-crafted from start to finish, with a soft brushed suede on the back to provide all-day comfort.

Main strap is 33" long, with adjustable tailstrap for overall length of 40" through 55"

Product Image

Abby's Leather Lunchbox

Price: $595.00

Estimated ship date: October 23, 2021

After getting the general design ideas as described in the script, we took a look at the character of Abby, learned the characters backstory, and came up with the design for the leather lunchbox. We're now pleased to announce a limited run of the same design, exactly as made for the show. Once we reach our limit of 500 units ordered, the window will close.

Each copy will be made by hand, with the same attention to quality and detail as the original, numbered and embossed with the Dragon Leatherworks logo on the underside, and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity verifying that your copy is indeed a true hand made replica of the original Dragon Leatherworks design.

Each copy will be lined inside with padded crushed velvet in red, as shown in the pictures below.

Product Image

Courier Bag

Price: $899.00

Estimated ship date: September 28, 2021

Made as a custom request for a customer, and after we finished it and saw how beautiful it was, it was decided that we should add the Courier Bag to our Custom Build offerings. The bag is a hand-made replica of an early 1900's courier bag or map bag, the type that would be carried in most big cities by same-day cross town delivery services. The bag features:

  • Hand cut and punched leather panels and straps.
  • Bag is hand-laced
  • Finished with Neetsfoot oil undercoat, acrylic topcoat, to best repel rain.
  • Choice of Removable sheepskin inner liner or permanent Pigskin Suede.
  • Solid brass hardware, brass plated nickel snaps and rivets.

Shipping cost covers 2-day Priority Delivery, fully insured.

Product Image

Ziva's Shoulder Holster

Price: $125.00

Estimated ship date: August 25, 2021

The design of this particular shoulder holster had to be one where "undercover" would be pushed to the limit. The script called for hiding a 5-shot J-frame revolver holstered in a shoulder rig, under a very small, form fitting sweater.

The only way to accomplish this was to tuck the gun right up into the armpit, yet the rig had to be stable enough that the shoulder loops didn't slip off the shoulder. All this on an actress who's body is petite made this build particularly challenging. What we came up with is a very thin and lightweight shouler rig (total weight of just under 6 ounces without the holster attached, 8 ounces with empty holster) that brings the gun right up into the armpit, with only a single elastic strap across the back to keep the shoulder loops snug to the body.

Luckily, we know a young lady who's shoulder/chest measurements are practically spot-on with the measurements of Ms. DePablo, so not only were we able to get a perfect fit, we also have pictures of the rig being worn. The shoulder loops are adjustable for 3" in 1" increments, and the elastic tensioning strap can be adjusted a full 4" to accomodate women with petite to broad shoulders. The actual holster itself has a thumb-break to keep the weapon secure.

This shoulder holster will only accomodate sub-compact to micro-compact pistols! The largest pistol that this rig is designed to carry is a J-Frame compatible revolver, and semi-auto pistols comparable to the Walther PPK/S, Sig 230/232, Ruger LC9, or smaller.

Product Image

By purchasing a Dragon Leatherworks holster or accessory you hereby acknowledge that you have read the Warranties and Disclaimers, you understand that firearms are dangerous, and release Dragon Leatherworks, its owners, its associates, and employees from any and all liability for injuries or accidents relating to the use of the holster or any firearm. If purchasing as a gift, you acknowledge that the recipient / end user is knowledgeable in the safe handling and use of firearms.

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