All of our handcrafted gun holsters are 100% made right here in the good ol' USA!

Dragon Gun Belt

You've been asking for a Gun Belt. Here is the Dragon Leatherworks offering!

In the world of self-defense, there are so many gunbelts available, and trying to select from the plethora of products can be daunting. We've taken a good hard look at whats out there, and decided we could make a gun belt which would be well-contructed, comfortable, and durable.

But all of that just wouldn't mean anything if we couldn't keep it attractively priced.

What makes our gun belt stand out from the rest? Well, lets take a look at the list of features:

Our belt is designed to provide years of service, and do so at a very competitive and attractive price!


Belt Heavy Duty Line 24 snaps on buckle end
Belt Single Layer tongue end allows belt to lay flatter under the buckle
Belt Post & screw through leather layers and nylon webbing anchor the assembly

Buckle Options

Belt prices do not include buckles. You may select a buckle from our stock shown here, or use your own buckle.

Buckle Antique Nickel Center Bar Buckle - $8
Buckle Bright Nickel Cut-Corner Center Bar Buckle - $9.
Buckle Antique Nickel Celtic Pattern Buckle - $10
Buckle Steampunk Gearbox - $22
Buckle Eagle Head - $20
Buckle Southwest - $20
Buckle Majestic Nickel - $25
Buckle Majestic Brass - $25
Buckle Skull - $20

How to measure

Getting a new belt made is a simple process...simply measure your old belt, and send us the following:

» Click here to view our belt sizing guide

Your belt length should ideally be the current waist size of your pants or slacks, plus an additional 7 to 8 inches. If the belt you measured comes up less than this, then most likely you have outgrown your belt. Go with the larger of the two computations.


Your handmade Dragon Leatherworks Gun Belt is a $95 investment. Current lead time for assembly & shipping is 14 weeks. If you order your belt today, it will ship on October 31, 2021. We do not export to foreign countries.

After December 4th 2017, Christmas orders will be handled as RUSH, phone orders ONLY! Premium charges must be applied to ensure delivery for Christmas. If you need Christmas delivery, kindly call us at 865-483-7100 during normal business hours (Noon to 7:30PM, Mon-Sat) to give us the holster build information, and we will at that time let you know the total cost of your order. Please DO NOT send email. We are working VERY hard to meet deliveries, and email simply takes too long. Phone conversations are faster, and clearer.

Build Your Dragon Gun Belt

Belt Color
Belt Size
Optional Buckle
Dragon Gun Belt

By purchasing a Dragon Leatherworks holster or accessory you hereby acknowledge that you have read the Warranties and Disclaimers, you understand that firearms are dangerous, and release Dragon Leatherworks, its owners, its associates, and employees from any and all liability for injuries or accidents relating to the use of the holster or any firearm. If purchasing as a gift, you acknowledge that the recipient / end user is knowledgeable in the safe handling and use of firearms.

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" is the last belt I will ever buy. It is that rugged. You know how after a couple of weeks a normal belt, especially under the weight of a weapon will begin to bend, especially at the belt loops? Not this one. Heh.
The advantage of the initial stiffness became apparent when I started strapping holsters on it. I put on several different styles and the belt carries them well. Your firearm will not tip away from your body with this belt, I guarantee you that."
- Wirecutter from Knuckledraggin' My Life Away

"The DLW gunbelt does such a good job of distributing the weight around your waist that even after carrying a full-sized handgun like a 4" Springfield Armory XD around for 8-10 hours, you are just as comfortable as when you left the house that morning (and if you feel the need to wear a gun for 8-10 hours at a time within your home, you might want to consider contacting a realtor)."
- Bob Owens of Bearing Arms

"...a two pound, three ounce Smith & Wesson K-frame model 13. With the Dragon Leatherworks gun belt, I can carry it around all day long like it was a 12 ounce Snubbie from Hell. With a decent cover garment (one advantage to New England winters!) I can carry this around all day long and not even notice the weight. The belt distributes the weight of even a steel-framed revolver very well."
- JayG of MArooned

"If you're in the market for a new belt and want something that should last your grandchildren until they're in their 80's, I'd say give Dennis a ring and have him make you one of these puppies!"
- Robb at Sharp as a Marble

"...Dennis managed to double up the leather for most of the belts length, giving a platform which I doubt any pistol in the world will drag down. To be honest, you could tow trucks with this thing! This is not a sissy wannabe gun belt, but a serious piece of carry gear."
- Art at Carteach0

"...In short, it's a masterpiece. It's stiff as heck, which is precisely what you want to keep your holster where you put it and ensure that nothing moves during the drawstroke."
- Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man

"...I've worn this belt every waking hour for days now, almost always with a Galco Jak Slide Holster and either a G-30 or a Combat Commander installed. The holster stays perfectly, exactly, unconditionally... right where I put it. Even with the heavy all steel Colt holstered, it felt as if the pistol was glued to my side all the day is long."
- Art at Carteach0

Why buy a Dragon Leatherworks Holster?

Because it's a quality American-made product at an affordable price.

These hand-built holsters are made with the ultimate renewable resource: leather.

This classic material has been the partner of firearms, carrying and protecting the ultimate self-defense tool that man has created, for over two centuries.

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