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Dragon Leatherworks is now offering Novice Handgun Training Classes.

To get things rolling, through to the end of May, I'll be offering our Dragon's First Steps for Pistol for $50/person (regular price will be $65/person). We also offer the Tennessee Handgun Permit Classes at $80/person. If you book BOTH the First Steps and TN Carry Class AT THE SAME TIME I'll take an additional $10 off the TN Carry Class.

About the Dragon's First Steps class:

If you are a new/novice shooter, I highly recommend taking my Dragon's First Steps class to help develop a solid foundation to build your shooting skills before taking the Handgun Carry Class. The First Steps Classes are normally scheduled for the second and fourth Sunday of each month, additional classes will be added if the primary class is full. If you need a different day, the First Steps Class is held at your convenience for a nominal additional fee. Kindly send an email to and include your name AND PHONE NUMBER. I will call you to schedule class time and take your Credit Card information for the required $25 deposit to hold the class space.

The Dragon's First Steps is one-on-on, one-on-two, or small groups (not more than four persons at a time) private tutoring on handguns, which covers a tutoring session (2 to 2.5 hours) of:

After the Dragon's First Steps class, we go to the range where we'll practice live-fire, break old habits, learn proper techniques, and get you to the point where you can shoot well enough to take the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Course and pass with flying colors.

The Dragon's First Steps will be offered by appointment only, we cannot take walk-ins.

Call 865-240-1625 to make an appointment and leave a $25 deposit via credit card to reserve the tutoring time. Deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE. You will bring your own pistol, along with safety glasses and ear protection (If you don't have safety gear, we do have them for sale in the store). You may bring your own ammo, and we also have ammo for sale at the store. Targets will be provided for the range sessions.

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