All of our handcrafted gun holsters are 100% made right here in the good ol' USA!

Dragon Leatherworks Custom Builds

Ladies Fashions - Because sometimes you just want hand-crafted American Quality.

Once folks see my holsters, they inevitably ask about hand-crafted bags, purses, a clutch, or one-of-a-kind creations. To be honest, it is just these types of requests that keep the creative juices flowing, sometimes also resulting in an addition to our product lineups.

Our ability to deliver on custom projects had caught the attention of some of the top-rated prop masters in Hollywood, such as the prop master for the top-rated CBS TV Show, NCIS and its spin-off siblings: NCIS-New Orleans and NCIS-LA. For NCIS, We designed a leather lunchbox and leather coffin box for the character of Abby Sciuto (Played by Pauley Perette). For NCIS-New Orleans, a crocodile-skin holster for Agent Pride (Scott Bakula). Our works has appeared in films including:

Broken Horses
Walk Among the Tombstones
Barely Lethal
Hot Tub Time Machine 2 - The Sequel
Fast and Furious 7
Jurassic World
King Kong: Skull Island

Each and every Dragon Leatherworks item is hand-crafted from start to finish. We absolutely do not employ foreign labor, we absolutely do not have partial assembly done overseas!

Courier Bag

Price: $899.00

Estimated ship date: August 8, 2020

Made as a custom request for a customer, and after we finished it and saw how beautiful it was, it was decided that we should add the Courier Bag to our Custom Build offerings. The bag is a hand-made replica of an early 1900's courier bag or map bag, the type that would be carried in most big cities by same-day cross town delivery services. The bag features:

  • Hand cut and punched leather panels and straps.
  • Bag is hand-laced
  • Finished with Neetsfoot oil undercoat, acrylic topcoat, to best repel rain.
  • Choice of Removable sheepskin inner liner or permanent Pigskin Suede.
  • Solid brass hardware, brass plated nickel snaps and rivets.

Shipping cost covers 2-day Priority Delivery, fully insured.

Product Image

By purchasing a Dragon Leatherworks holster or accessory you hereby acknowledge that you have read the Warranties and Disclaimers, you understand that firearms are dangerous, and release Dragon Leatherworks, its owners, its associates, and employees from any and all liability for injuries or accidents relating to the use of the holster or any firearm. If purchasing as a gift, you acknowledge that the recipient / end user is knowledgeable in the safe handling and use of firearms.

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Why buy a Dragon Leatherworks Holster?

Because it's a quality American-made product at an affordable price.

These hand-built holsters are made with the ultimate renewable resource: leather.

This classic material has been the partner of firearms, carrying and protecting the ultimate self-defense tool that man has created, for over two centuries.

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