All of our handcrafted gun holsters are 100% made right here in the good ol' USA!

Leather Holsters Warranty

International Shipments

We do not export to foreign countries.


Dragon Leatherworks warrants its products:

to be free from manufacturing defects or material workmanship. Should the riveting, stitching, or hardware of a Dragon Leatherworks holster fail during normal use to the original owner as limited above, the holster can be returned to Dragon Leatherworks to be repaired free of charge. Shipping charges for warranty repairs are the responsibility of Dragon Leatherworks. This warranty does not cover naturally occurring marks, brands, or scars which may be present on its surface; said marks, brands, and scars being part of a natural product such as genuine leather, the type of which is the main component of Dragon Leatherworks holsters.

Safety and Usage Disclaimer

These warnings should be read prior to the use or purchase of a Dragon Leatherworks Holster product.

Dragon Leatherworks takes pride in the quality which goes into each and every one of its products and is confident that those products are the finest available to today's consumer. Unfortunately, it is an undeniable fact that firearms are potentially dangerous instruments which can, as we all know, cause serious injury and/or death.

Never forget the rules on the safe handling of firearms:

  1. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire the weapon.
  2. Always keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  3. Only point your firearm at those things you are willing to destroy.
  4. Be sure of your target and what is behind it before firing.

Use of a handgun under any conditions may be dangerous. Serious personal injury or even death could occur without proper training in the safe handling of firearms by an accredited firearms safety course. No person should handle any firearm unless such person has successfully passed an accredited firearms safety program. Great care should be used when handling, storing or transporting firearms or when placing or removing a handgun from your Dragon Leatherworks holster product. We strongly recommend a regular practice routine, with an unloaded firearm, be utilized to assure the continued capabilities of both product and user.

Never place a loaded handgun in a holster without first testing, in an unloaded condition (double-check to make sure the chamber is empty), for proper fit with the handgun.

Dragon Leatherworks holsters are made to fit standard factory equipped handguns, and/or certain handguns equipped with specific trigger guard mounted laser units. Modifications including but not limited to extended slide releases, trigger shoes, or any addition or alteration to the frame or external dimensions of the handgun itself may cause the holster to fit improperly and could increase the risk of accidental discharge. It is the responsibility of the purchaser or user to use firearm safety and we are not responsible for damage, personal injury, or death due to misuse or negligent use of firearms or holsters.

Always make sure your gun is fully seated in the holster. During vigorous physical activity, including running, you should not rely on your holster's retention capabilities; the gun should be held in place with your hand to prevent the gun from coming loose inside the holster, with the potential of falling out of the holster.

Your handgun holster or accessory is designed only to be used with the type of handgun or handgun accessory it was specifically designed for as labelled on the back of the holster or accessory! No attempt should ever be made to alter or modify any Dragon Leatherworks holster by anyone other than a Dragon Leatherworks employee!

Any holsters should be inspected before, during, and after each use by user and/or product owner for damage, worn/loose/inoperative parts (such as latches and closures), or loose assembly riveting. All risk and liability shall be on the purchaser or user of the holsters for the manner in which they are worn and used.

Should your Dragon Leatherworks Holster Product become loose, worn, defective, or ill fitting at any time, cease use immediately!!!

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"I want you to know the back panel that sits between the belly and gun is what sold me immediately. Great design. Us husky boys appreciate it."
- Patrick D. in Louisville, KY about the Fugly

Why buy a Dragon Leatherworks Holster?

Because it's a quality American-made product at an affordable price.

These hand-built holsters are made with the ultimate renewable resource: leather.

This classic material has been the partner of firearms, carrying and protecting the ultimate self-defense tool that man has created, for over two centuries.

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