All of our handcrafted gun holsters are 100% made right here in the good ol' USA!

New Review in on the Valkyrie!

Many Thanks to Wirecutter of Knuckledraggin' My Life Away for his reviews on the Valkyrie holster. Thorough, in-depth, no BS review of our top of the line offering. You can read the first review here , and the followup here. .

New Features in the Hoard!

First, we've made it much easier to navigate the cart, and get those items through checkout. The cart link will turn deep yellow in color when you've got items in there for checkout.

Then we added an On Sale feature, where any lower price from our supplier is passed along to you! And its simple to see all the sale items...go to the Dragons Hoard and look at the section right above the quick-search links, and you will see a selection checkbox that says Show On-Sale Only. Make that active, and the search system will skinny the results right down to those items that our supplier has dropped the price on even further, which add up to additional savings! Want to see only those items on sale and in stock? Simply click the circle next to Show In-Stock Only, and you're filtered right down to the available sale items with a simple click!

Why buy from the Dragons Hoard?

Because we aren't just a drop-shipping business. Each and every firearm ordered through us comes to us first, we inspect each one, and don't send it along to you unless we know that the quality is 100%. The bargain-basement internet resellers that sell firearms for a $5 profit don't care about quality, and once you recieve it and find something wrong with it, then you have to spend your valuable time and money packing it back up, running to UPS or FedEx, sending it back, and waiting for a replacement.

Not much of a bargain after all, is it?

Sure, we are priced a little higher than the bargain-basement online sellers. But what you get is:

The benefit to you is that we deal with any returns from our end, and if something comes in that isn't up-to-snuff, we get another on order immediately and we handle the hassle of returning the bad product to the supplier.

Now more than just holsters!

Of course, we're always showcasing our holsters, gunbelts, and leather gear! We offer full-service on firearms, including transfer services, sales, consignments, and trade-ins.

And now, the Dragon Hoard is live! Its an online ordering system that is tied directly to our supplier warehouse and inventory! Everything from firearms to accessories, reloading supplies, safety gear, and much more! Simply click the Dragon Hoard link in the upper right of the menu bar to shop directly from our distributor!

Dragon Leatherworks is also registered with California as a Shipping Dealer, which means that our California customers can buy firearms from our Dragons Hoard section, and have them shipped to their licensed dealer!

Also, don't forget to check the Consignment Room, where we post our used guns, trade-ins, and consignment items!

Current hours are:
2:00PM - 7:30PM Mon-Fri
11AM - 8PM Sat
Closed Sunday

Dragon Leatherworks
1956-B Oak Ridge Turnpike
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
1-865-483-7100 during business hours, 1-865-240-1625 after hours.

Book Review: Emily gets her Gun

This past October, I was asked by Emily Miller's publisher to review her book, Emily Gets Her Gun. I found it very well written, and recommend it highly. The full review is posted on the Dragon Leatherworks blog, DragonBlasts. Read it here!

Read the review of the Quantum by Bob Owens in Shooting Illustrated!

Bob Owens , writing for the NRA magazine Shooting Illustrated, reviewed a Quantum holster. We're thrilled and honored to have recieved such a warm and wonderful review! That was followed up about a year later with a review of our signature GunBelt! Read it here!

The Dragon Leatherworks Mission: Make holsters that fill a need, not an ego.

Holsters that came into being by looking at a need first, finding the solution, then designing the holster to be as visually appealing as possible while doing its job.

All Made in the USA, by hand, one at a time. No mass production. No Chinese partial production with the assembly in the USA so as to claim that it's American Made. No machine assembly using thin, easily collapsing leathers with lightweight stitching. Our stock is heavy leather, ruggedly assembled, designed to last for many years.

Our hand-built, surprisingly well-priced holsters, are made with the ultimate renewable resource: leather. This classic material has been the partner of firearms, carrying and protecting the ultimate self-defense tool that man has created, for over two centuries.

Just click on a holster name on the top menu bar to see product photographs, color and hardware choices, testimonials and product reviews, and all the specifics about each of our gun holsters. Thanks for stopping in and giving the Dragon Leatherworks Holsters a look!

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Completely Custom Holsters

Want a holster for a special gun that's even more customized than what you see on our website? Just drop me a note with the details and we'll see what we can do!

Exotic Skins

Looking for a gun holster that really stands out from the crowd and drives PETA folks even more bonkers? Then you'll want one of our holsters that feature real skin of python, stingray, rattlesnake, or alligator.

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